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The world, New Mexico and beyond, needs you! A deep and broad pool of talent is needed to solve and resolve current and emerging global demands in New Mexico and beyond. NMSU’s College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, ACES, can provide you with the education, knowledge and life-changing experiences to develop your talents and passions. With an ACES education, you will be enabled to make an impact and positively shape not only your future, but the future of New Mexico and the world.

Come explore your opportunities. Come join us!

What interests you?

Is ACES the right place to develop my interests and passions?

ACES is a very unique College. We unite traditional agricultural, environmental and social sciences to provide each and every student with an outstanding educational experience. ACES is highly diverse, and based on your interests and goals offers you an option of 23 different majors. The goal of our world-class faculty is to inspire and equip our students to make a difference. As an ACES student, you will be supported by our faculty and staff, and empowered to explore, gain new knowledge, and ultimately develop your passions and interests. Come explore the opportunities ACES has for you!

What will I experience as an ACES student?

Each and every ACES student is highly and equally valued. We love open doors and opening doors for our students. Our faculty are accessible and can actively guide you along your career pathway. We embrace hands-on learning, where you apply the new knowledge you gain in the classroom. In the classroom, you will learn from faculty who are global experts in their disciplines, which means you receive a world-class education. These learning experiences are life-changing… equipping you with new knowledge, and new ways of attaining goals… so you are ready to be bold and shape the future. Join ACES and see your FUTURE GROW!